NY Times reporter Susan Hodara

The New York Times

"In Jordan Matter’s Photos, Dancers Make All the World Their Stage"

NY Times reporter Susan Hodara watching Karli Dinardo recreate her Grand Central Terminal photo at the Hudson River Museum for an exhibition review, which will appear in Sunday's paper. You can read it right now online: http://nyti.ms/1N1hLZ8. Spoiler alert: It's AWESOME!


See Jordan featured on Fox 5

When you take the natural grace of dancers and put them in unexpected places, you get photos that really tell a story. "Dancers Among Us" is a book that captures these surreal poses.


Nikon Pro Jordan Matter

11 Photo Projects That Are Completely Inspired

"These photo projects are cranking the creativity dial to: AWESOME."
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Nikon Pro Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter & Nikon Pro

"Portrait photographer Jordan Matter has struck a chord by taking his subjects out of their comfort zones and putting them onto the streets of America."
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Jordan Matter - Costco member profile

Jordan Matter profiled in The Costco Connection

"COMMUTING. WAITING AT a crosswalk. Going on a picnic. To most of us, these everyday situations may seem like mundane occurrences, but photographer Jordan Matter transforms them into works of art using dancers, athletes and circus performers as his subjects."
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Dance Studio Life

Dance Studio Life


Dance Studio Life

Dance Studio Life


Phosphore Magazine

Phosphore Magazine

Dancers Among Us in Phosphore magazine
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Sobranie Exclusive by Sasha Korbut

Sobranie Exclusive

An exclusive interview with Jordan Matter by interviewer Sasha Korbut
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Forbes India - Beautiful People

ForbesIndia - Beautiful People

"Watching his three-year-old son engrossed in an imagined world of bus commuters made photographer Jordan Matter wonder why we, adults, cannot be wholly present in the moment; why the passion or energy of moments are overtaken by cynicism and indifference."

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Forbes India - Beautiful People


Barnes & Noble Best Books 2012

Dancers Among Us on Barnes and Noble front page.

"The mystery of the body in motion. The surprise of seeing what seems impossible. And the pure, joyful optimism of it all. Dancers Among Us presents one thrilling photograph after another of dancers leaping, spinning, lifting, kicking - but in the midst of daily life: on the beach, at a construction site, in a library, a restaurant, a park. With each image the reader feels buoyed up, eager to see the next bit of magic."

Read the full description: http://www.barnesandnoble.com


See Jordan on the Today Show

See Dancers Among Us on ABC World News

Dancers Among Us on ABC News

"Some breathtaking photos to free your imagination; ordinary moments celebrated in extraordinary ways like catching a subway, shoveling snow, hitting the surf; all part of Dancers Among Us, professionals reminding the rest of us - to be alive is to have a chance to dance."  Diane Sawyer

Watch the video on: abcnews.go.com


The Insider features Dancers Among Us


Miami Herald Art Basel Live Coverage

Miami Herald Art Basel Live Coverage

"South Beach beachgoers tend to be a jaded lot, used to topless sunbathers and posing models. But the lean- bodied Adonis flipping into the air above another lean and perfect specimen, lying on the beach at 12th Street, got their cell phones snapping. "

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Dancers Among Us featured in Classic FM

Dancers Among Us in Classic FM

"The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty - ballet makes up so much of the music we know and love, but what about the dancers? We thought we'd find out what they really look like off duty, with these incredible pictures by photographer Jordan Matter."

Read the full description: http://www.classicfm.com./


Dancers Among Us featured in Herald Sun

Dancers Among Us in Herald Sun

"One photographer has set out to prove that even when they're not on stage, dancers are still on. Jordan Matter spent two years in New York and another traveling the world capturing dancers in every day situations."

Read the full description: http://m.heraldsun.com.au/


Stern.de: Dancers Are Among Us

Dancers Are Among Us

"Ballet at a dirty construction site and pole dancing on the subway: The U.S. Photographer Jordan Matter shows spectacular dance poses at everyday places - a declaration of love and passion in us."

Read the full description: http://www.stern.de/


IDI Interviews Jordan Matter

IDI Interviews Jordan Matter

"As a photographer, Jordan Matter clearly knows his medium; he is aware of his photographic heritage and is confident enough in his own talents to reference his predecessors while adding his own, highly inventive touch to his images. His series, “Dancers among Us” is based a simple concept, take some professional dancers, remove them from their usual context and photograph them in commonplace surroundings."

Read the full description: http://www.idesigni.co.uk/


Photographer Jordan Matter poses for a photo in front of his work at Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul on Wednesday. (Lee Sang-sub/The Korea Herald)

Dancers Among Us in Korea.

Matter’s lively, witty photos were published in a book, “Dancers Among Us,” in 2012, which became an instant hit on Amazon.com and made it onto the New York Times’ best-seller list. 

The photographs are currently on exhibit at Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Anguk-dong, Seoul until Sept. 22.

View more on koreaherald.com


Dancers Among Us featured in Seoul's Noblesse Magazine

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Dancers Among Us featured in Hong Kong's Weekend Weekly



Dancers Among Us featured on L'Huffington Post

The New York photographer, actor and former baseball player, has had a brilliant idea: capture dance in everyday situations - the street or at the beach, the bus stop or a pedestrian crossing an intersection in Manhattan... The result is a series of pictures called "Dancers Among Us" which is enriched since 2010, and until October 4 will be on display at One New York Plaza, the skyscraper to the south of Manhattan. For the occasion, the shots will be presented with the title "Jordan Matter's Joyful New York." Anyone who wants to see first hand the images of the photographer - without arriving in New York - buy Dancers Among Us the book online, released in October 2012, which documents this brilliant work.

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Dancers Among Us featured on Huffington Post

Dancers Defy Gravity And Make Us Jealous In Stunning Photo Series:
Dancers: they're just like us. Except instead of walking places, they have the option of gracefully pirouetting from one place to another, thus making their lives look way more beautiful than yours.

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CBS News: Dancing Through Life

Dancers Among Us on CBS News.

"In photographer Jordan Matter's pictures, everyday occurrences are transformed into fantastic moments. For three years, Matter collaborated with professional dancers to capture the photographs in his book, "Dancers Among Us." From riding the train to shopping at the mall to taking a shower, the photos put unexpected joy and energy into typically mundane activities. "

Read the full description: http://www.cbsnews.com


The Telegraph: Dancers Among Us

Dancers Among Us on The Telegraph.

"Jordan Matter's Dancers Among Us: ballet dancers strike amazibg poses. Prize-winning New York photographer Jordan Matter has set professional dancers into everyday scenes, striking unbelievably athletic poses."

Read the full description: http://www.telegraph.co.uk


Dancers Among Us featured on Goodnet

This stunning collection of photographs features dancers leaping and pirouetting through every day situations and beautiful locations. The shots are perfectly composed – from the shower to the subway – and have recently been compiled into a coffee-table book, available on the artist's site.

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Dancers Among Us featured on Purple Clover

Photographer Jordan Matter started his "Dancers Among Us" project with the hope of capturing the unexpected joys of day-to-day life, but what he ended up with was a best-selling book and a new career.

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Dancers Among Us featured on Photo Tips

Photographer Jordan Matter teamed up with a whole slew of highly talented ballet dancers to capture them doing what they do, but in everyday environments where you would never expect to see dancers. All I can say is: wow. Great stuff. I am going to post just 10 of the images below, but know that I have only scratched the surface and you really must check out the complete portfolio at his link at the bottom of this post.

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Dancers Among Us featured on Naldz Graphics

Jordan Matter turned everyday events into a dynamic moments with dancers swirling, leaping, and spinning in roads, parks, beaches and in any places where most people go. Matter’s project was called Dancers Among Us and the photos were compiled on a book that has reached thousands and impressed millions. With the combined zeal of Matter and the dancers, amazingly stunning photos came to life! Seeing the photos seems to tell us that the world is a stage and that all of us are actually dancers who can freely move in any way we want...

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Dancers Among Us featured on Tech Cocktail

On August 10, an imgur photo gallery called “Dancers Among Us” started to go viral. The gallery includes 84 images of ballet dancers, credited to Jordan Matter. The dancers are jumping, stretching, and back-bending in everyday life, from a student on her desk to a guy in the shower to a man in prison....

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Daredevil Dancers Among Us shoot featured in Imaging Resource

Dancers Among Us in Imaging Resource

"Photographer Jordan Matter is a friend and neighbor of mine but when I saw his recent daredevil "Dancers Among Us" shot, I had to catch my breath and wonder if he really is crazy. In the stunning image, which you can see to the right and below in a larger size, Matter photographed dancer Rebecca Wilfer posing on one leg on the edge of a pedestrian bridge in New York City's Fort Tryon Park."

Read the full article on imaging-resource.com


New York Art Installation Turns Into Adorable Marriage Proposal

Dancers Among Us Marriage Proposal

Art geeks, get ready to step your romance game up! This proposal is totally epic, thanks to the help of acclaimed photographer, Jordan Matter.

View more on Buzzfeed.com



Glorious Gift Books

"Bodies of breathtaking grace and agility transform ordinary spaces, seemingly defying gravity as they plié and pirouette through busy streets, a record shop, along a heliport tarmac, and under the Santa Monica boardwalk in Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday, by Jordan Matter."

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O Magazine

O Magazine Holiday Favorites

"Bodies of breathtaking grace and agility transform ordinary spaces, seemingly defying gravity as they plié and pirouette through busy streets, a record shop, along a heliport tarmac, and under the Santa Monica boardwalk in Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday (Workman), by Jordan Matter."

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Glamour Magazine (online)

Glamour Magazine

"Whether I'm single or in a relationship, I always feel sentimental around Valentine's Day. So when I saw these incredible pictures of couples kissing from photographer Jordan Matter—from his book Dancers Among Us, a collection of fantastic images featuring dancers in everyday situations—I had to share."

View the full article: www.glamour.com


NPR Morning Edition

NPR Morning Edition

Susan Stamberg on NPR Morning Edition announces Dancers Among Us is selected as one of Indie Booksellers Best Books of 2012!

Listen to the broadcast on www.npr.org


See Jordan on Yahoo's Homepage

Dancers Among Us on Yahoo Home Page

"The pictures are simply stunning. Each dancer's grace, elegance, and body control are captured in the images. In fact, the movements in some of the pictures look almost effortless. One of the most captivating images is of a dancer leaping across a train track as a locomotive approaches...."

View the full article on: Yahoo.com


The Washington Post

The Washington Post

"It's not just the high-kicking legs in heels that bring Broadway to mind in the photo book Dancers Among Us. It's the sense of emotional release. In his shots of dancers in flight on sidewalks and city streets - excitable superheroes among us - Matter has produced a series of mini-musicals, frozen in time but full of energy."

View more on www.washingtonpost.com:
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NY Daily News

Dancers Among Us in NY Daily News

"Matter has compiled the stunning images into a book titled Dancers Among Us, which debuted several weeks ago on the New York Times Best Sellers list."

View the full review on: NYDailyNews.com


Dancers Among Us in The Post-Standard

The Post-Standard

"How a Syracuse dancer jumped at the chance to appear in photographer's study of 'everyday' life." … What about, how a PHOTOGRAPHER jumped at the opportunity to work with the fantastic Aisha Mitchell of Alvin Ailey Dance Theater!

View the full article: PDF


Dancers Among Us in Chase Jarvis' Blog

Chase Jarvis

There is something uniquely special about gaining the support of my peers; especially one as accomplished and celebrated as Chase Jarvis. Please read his thoughtful blog here, and then follow this amazing artist's work. It's stunning!


Dancers Among Us in Shape.com


"Jordan Matter started snapping professional dancers jumping, leaping, spinning, and literally flying through daily life—on the beach, across a subway platform, in a library, and through the rain. The result: the nearly 200 photos in his new book, Dancers Among Us ($18; amazon.com). All of the shots are totally authentic (none were digitally altered, and no trampolines or other devices were used to help the performers catch air), which makes the artistry and athleticism they exhibit that much more impressive."

View the full article on Shape.com


Dancers Among Us in Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine

"Inspired to take pictures that captured his 3-year-old son's wide-eyed enthusiasm for life, NYC-based photographer Jordan Matter started snapping professional dancers jumping, leaping, spinning, and literally flying through daily life..."

View the full article: PDF


Daily Mail Online (UK)

Daily Mail Online (UK)

"New York City photographer Jordan Matter has managed to capture dancers across the nation striking complex poses in scenes of their everyday life.

Matter began the project, 'Dancers Among Us' in 2009 - when he asked a member of the Paul Taylor Dance Company to dance in regular clothes off the stage and instead on a stubway platform....."

View the full article on dailymail.co.uk


D - la Republica

Dancers Among Us in D.it

"Bodies that seem to stop time, to freeze in the air in the midst of the hectic life of a city or an afternoon of shopping or in crowded subway. They are the amazing portraits taken by photographer Jordan Matter and collected in the book Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday." (translation by Google)

View the full article on d.repubblica.it



Dancers Among Us in BBC Brazil

"The book Dancers among us gathers images that seem to defy gravity, registered in major U.S. cities like this in the U.S. capital, Washington DC. 'I thought it would be interesting to create photographs that celebrate everyday life, seeing the dumb as if through the eyes of a child,' said the photographer Jordan Matter BBC Brazil."

View the full article: www.bbc.co.uk


The Huffington Post

Dancers Among Us in Huffington Post

"As I scrolled through the photographs to select the ones I would use for this post, I found myself smiling the entire time. Matter has managed to capture dance in a way I have never quite seen it before. It's fresh and fun, and it really must have been something to be involved in the shoots pictured in this book."

View the full article on huffingtonpost.com


Metro UK

Dancers Among Us in Metro NY

"There are no digital effects, wires or trampolines here - just the art of dance captured in otherwise mundane daily life. These gravity-defying photos feature in a new book, Dancers Among Us: A Celebration Of Joy In The Everyday. It is the work of US photographer Jordan Matter who was inspired by the fantasy world of his three-year-old son to create images depicting the world through a child's eye."

View the full spread here

WP.PL Poland Culture

Dancers Among Us Polish Culture

"An American photographer decided to take our workshop, sluggish and bored state of mind and inspire us to express ourselves. How? With a dance that brings out the best energies of man. The main intention of the project was to show dancers from various parts of the United States in everyday, even banal situations. With camera in hand, he has driven the throughout the entire country - looking for the most ordinary situations to "throw" his characters in. The effect is amazing!"

View the full article on www.wp.pl

KOMO News (Seattle)

View more on www.komonews.com

Dance Magazine

"His new book Dancers Among Us gathers a vast collection of images organized around themes like work, play, love, exploration, and dreaming, and showcases both Matter's sensitivity and sense of humor. And there's no Photoshopping here, so when you see Michelle Fleet suspended upside-down in a crowded office cubicle or Erin Clyne powerfully launching across train tracks while an engine's glowing lights creep up behind her—you know it's the real deal."

View the full review: PDF

Daily Mail Online (UK)

"The photographs in this book are so amazing that one might suspect they had been digitally enhanced or used wires - but in fact they are a tribute to the remarkable skills of the photographer and his talented dancers.

Each picture captures a moment of sheer joy when time appears to stand still, whether that's on a deserted beach or a frantic, crowded city street; washing up or hailing a cab. They transform the ordinary into something quite extraordinary...."

View the full article on dailymail.co.uk



"Who hasn't caught an amazing dress on super-sale and wanted to do a little shimmy? The pictures in Dancers Among Us of pro hoofers getting their jeté on in public is a call to find the joy in everyday life--and to give in to that urge to boogie no matter where or when it hits you."

View the full article on redbookmag.com


PDN Pulse

Dancers Among Us in PDN Pulse

"Photographer Jordan Matter helps out as a PDN product tester from time to time so we were pleased as punch to see his new book of photographs, Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday, debut on The New York Times' best seller list recently.

Matter's images, which feature professional dancers performing in everyday situations across the United States, premiered on PDN's Photo of the Day blog back in 2010 and then returned in March of this year."

View more on pdnpulse.com


Dancers Among Us in MSN Now

"Photographer Jordan Matter has released a book called "Dancers Among Us" that captures dancers in dramatic movements that mimic everyday actions, allowing us to live vicariously in his whimsy. In pics that started trending heavily on Reddit, Matter's subjects can be seen doing everything from crossing the street and having a picnic to running for a subway, all with an extra flash of grace."

View more on now.msn.com


Ballet News (UK)

"dancers among us is a book that literally crackles with fire. Pick it up and you'll feel the vibrations dancing over your fingertips and then your jaw will drop - over and over again - as you flip the pages and see one impossible, but everyday, marvel, one after another. Freezing the action in a photograph implies some sense of static, but the reverse has happened here. Instead the pages burst with sensory explosion - life, and lessons learnt while living it."

View the full article on http://balletnews.co.uk

Smithsonian Magazine

"It's a rare book that contains anything of interest on the copyright page, but this caught my eye: "No trampolines or other devices were used in the taking of the photographs in this book, and the dancers' poses have not been digitally enhanced or altered." It's not hard to see why the author felt that such a disclaimer was necessary; the photographs in this book are unbelievable."

View the full article on www.smithsonianmag.com


ZDF (Germany)

See Jordan Interviewed by NBC's Chuck Scarborough

Focus (Italy)

What would happen if the dancers invaded every corner of the metropolis? The U.S. photographer Jordan Matter has made the test in New York and Montreal: use of city spaces for daily activities such as drinking coffee, shopping or take the underground, so to say the least, unusual and imaginative. The goal? "Have fun, amaze and inspire."

View the entire profile: PDF | Online

View Magazine (Germany)

View the entire profile: PDF

NY Daily News

NY Daily News

When he's not working weddings or model portfolios, Jordan Matter likes to photograph dancers suspended high in the air against iconic New York settings. For his "Dancers Among Us" project, the Manhattan photographer is using backdrops like the New York Public Library, Columbia University, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Yankee Stadium to create what he hopes will be a collection of 100 images, some of which will go on display at the DanceNOW festival in September.

View the entire profile: PDF | Online

TimeOut Chicago

NY Daily News A ballerina penchées in an asphalt pit in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor. A contemporary dancer leaps in front of a Metra train. These Chicago images, along with more than 100 other shots taken from coast to coast, appear in Jordan Matter's upcoming book, Dancers Among Us, scheduled for release in early 2013. Future locations include Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

View the full TimeOut Chicago interview
View the TimeOut Chicago print article

  Stated Magazine

Slate Magazine

Dancers Among Us - Huffignton Post

"A cool advertising campaign, shot by renegade dance photographer Jordan Matter, captures the dancers' ballsy uptown foray."

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Slate Magazine

Dancers Among Us - Slate Magazine

"It's the most obvious concept; I can’t believe I didn’t think of it." That’s the response Jordan Matter usually gets from dance photographers experiencing his Dancers Among Us series for the first time. "

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Culturemap Houston

Dancers Among Us - That's Life, Culturemap Houston

"The man is a master improviser. In little over an hour, we found a location, created a pose, got the shot and attracted attention from the police. The process went so fast we had time to get doughnuts afterward, which the muddy dancers inhaled."

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Dancers Among Us - Photo District News

An article on Reddit entitled "Damn hipsters" gets over 23,000 people to view the full article on my blog.

Read the original blogposthere


Photo District News

Dancers Among Us - Photo District News

In April of 2010, this project was featured as Photo of the Day on the prestigious Photo District News website.

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NBC New York

Dancers Among Us - NBC New York

Straphangers are not even phased by the moves of dancer Jeffery Smith clad in a business suit looking like he's in pursuit of an arriving train in the Times Square 42nd St. subway station while performing a split in mid-air.

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The Gothamist

Dancers Among Us - The Gothamist

Photographer Jordan Matter has an amazingly fun series called Dancers Among Us, which is exactly what it sounds like: dancers amongst familiar backdrops in New York City. He began the ongoing project a year ago, which features members of the Paul Taylor and Martha Graham Dance Companies, as well as settings like Yankee Stadium and the New York Public Library. And believe it or not, there were no tricks or trampolines used in capturing these images.

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Dancers Among Us - ArtsCriticATL

Tommy Panto, a 6-foot-4-inch dancer with Atlanta Ballet, stood in a jail cell. As he arched his back and clung to the metal window grate for support, his feet shied away from dust bunnies and grime (below). A camera clicked.

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Daily Telegraph, London

Dancers Among Us - Daily Telegraph

New York photographer Jordan Matter's "Dancers Among Us" project features performers from the Paul Taylor Dance Company performing guerrilla dance moves in iconic Manhattan location.

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La Repubblica

Dancers Among Us - La Repubblica

Jordan Matter, fotografo americano con alle spalle una carriera da giocatore di baseball e una di attore, ha immaginato una New York invasa da ballerini professionisti. "Dancers Among Us" - "I ballerini sono tra noi" - è il titolo di una serie di scatti che ritrae danzatori di due importanti compagnie - La Paul Taylor e la Martha Graham - alle prese con normali attività quotidiane: leggere un libro, fare sport, prendere la metropolitana.

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Dancers Among Us - Jezebel

In 2009, photographer Jordan Matter began a series of shots capturing dancers in motion throughout New York. The result, titled Dancers Among Us is, in the words of our tipster, exactly what Vogue spreads should look like.

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