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Graduation - Broadway Bound
May your always follow your dreams. Happy Graduation!
Just because. - Om
Thank you - Dirty pointe shoes
Thank you for your hard work!
Graduation- Library
That intense studying paid off. Happy Graduation!
Graduation- Catholic school
Did anything really ever change? Happy Graduation!
Graduation- Exploring
You've graduated… where will you explore next?
Graduation- Blizzard
Congratulations! You've graduated! This better not be you.
Graduation- Princeton
Your hard work has paid off. Happy Graduation!
Graduation- Skinny Dip
Here's to the end of crazy, reckless, absurd, you-wish-you-had-a-good-reason-to-but-your-not-in-college-anymore college days.
Graduation- Half Moon Bay
You've Graduated! The world is at your finger tips!
Graduation- Fire escape
Happy Graduation: Now comes REAL work!
Graduation- Rocky shot
You did it! Congratulations!
Birthday - Parisa with balloons
Soar away with your dreams today! Happy Birthday
Birthday - Fire hydrant
One more year of life! Live it!
Birthday - Naked Shower
It's your birthday you can do what you want!
Birthday - Jen Jones on bar
Have an amazing birthday celebration!
Birthday - Parisa at Yankees Stadium
All eyes are on you today! Happy Birthday!
Birthday - Frisbee in Central Park
The day awaits, celebrate as you wish! Have a happy birthday!
Birthday - Skinny Dipping
It's your birthday you can do what you want!
Thank you - Painting on fire escape
Thank you for all your hard work!
Thank you - Feet up with red truck
You deserve a break! Thank you for everything you've done!
Thank you - Newsies and Salvation Army
Thank you for your generous gift!
Thank you - Floating in thought
The more I think about it, the more I realize everything you've done for me. Thank you!
Thank You - Shoveling snow backwards
You bent over backwards, just for me! Thank you!
Happy Anniversary - "Stepping Out with My Baby", Gus Solomons jr and Carmen de Lavallade, in New York, NY
You make time stand still.
Happy Anniversary - "Wet Kiss" Michael Jagger and Evita Arce, New York, NY
Our love won't "weather"!
Happy Anniversary - Allison and tWitch
"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." - Artistotle
Happy Anniversary - Off Your Feet
You sweep me off my feet!
Happy Anniversary - Washington Square family
You've given me all I wanted, and more! Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary - Adam and Eve
You sweep me off my feet!
Happy Anniversary - Crosswalk double take
It feels like we just met!
Happy Anniversay - chocolate shoppe
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary - I left my heart in SF
My heart is with you!
Happy Anniversary - Under the Boardwalk
I'd bend over backwards just for you!
Happy Anniversary - Ida Saki
I <3 You.
Get Well Soon- Swing
Soon enough, you'll be back in the swing of things!
Get Well Soon - Lifeguard, Florida
Anything I can do to help? Call me, and I'll come runnin'!
Get Well Soon - Wild Dreams
Get well soon, but until then, rest!
Get Well Soon - Fire hydrant
Soon enough, you'll be doing this! Get better soon!
Get Well Soon - Hospital
You're a life saver! Thank you!
Get Well Soon - Evan Ruggiero
Soon, you'll be flying! Get better soon!
Just because. - Dreaming cover
Just Because- Shopping on 5th avenue
Just Because - stroller
Just because. - Merry-Go-Round
Just Because- Aisha Mitchell ice cream
Just Because - VIP Heliport
Just Because- reading on the Hudson
Just because. - Seagulls
Just because. - Trash Night

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